AsyncAPI Support

We support the latest major version (v2) of AsyncAPI specification. This pages describes some specificities related to our support for this specification.

Minimal mandatory fields # needs to receive at least these fields to generate a Message-Driven documentation

field description
asyncapi define which version of the specification you want to use. E.g. "2.6.0"
info General information about your API
info.title The title of the API
info.version The version of the API document
channels The available channels and messages for the API

Currently supported # is able to extract:

Partially supported: message object payload #

Message object field payload could be of any type according to the specification, but we only support SchemaObject type.

Partially supported: server security and securitySchemes #

AsyncAPI securitySchemes property with these authentication types are supported:

The following authentication types are not supported:

To describe these authentication types, please use our custom x-topics property for now.

readOnly and writeOnly properties #

JSON Schema provides the possibility to declare a property as read or write only. Read more in the JSON Schema section of this documentation.

You can add extra information to your documentation by using custom x-topics.

Read more in the Topics section of this documentation.