Personal user account migration

The following information is for users who created their account before February 15, 2024.

Since the launch of, we’ve noticed that the approach we initially chose was no longer suited to our users. Indeed, they heavily utilize collaboratively.

To accommodate this evolution and prepare for future features, we’ve decided to transform personal user accounts into organizations.

What does this change mean for me? #

For our new users, the change mainly occurs during registration, where you’ll be asked to create your organization. You’ll enjoy all the features of organizations during your free trial. At the end of it, you can choose to continue benefiting from the full potential of organizations or switch to a free plan.

For our existing users, we’ve made some significant changes regarding your personal user account. If you hadn’t used your personal user account, nothing changes: you’re still associated with your usual organizations.

If you had hubs and documentations in your personal user account:

What impact should you expect on pricing? #

Previously, organizations were a feature reserved for our paid plans. To accommodate this transition, users on a Free plan now have access to an organization, which includes only public access documentation.

All other organization features (such as access management, invitations, collaborative work) remain reserved for our paid plans.