The Billing section of your account provides access to the following items: offers monthly or annual billing. We use Stripe to handle all payments, so we never store your bank details.

Payment is made by credit card only. We are considering offering alternative payment methods in the future.

Invoices #

Edit your billing information #

You can edit the following billing information so that it appears on your upcoming invoices:

Updating your billing information will only apply to future invoices; it is not possible to edit the details of an already created invoice.

Invoices #

Every month, we send your invoice in PDF format to the email address linked to your account. You can specify an additionnal email address to which they will be sent, for your accounting department, for example.

On this page, you will also find a history of your invoices, available in PDF.

Taxes #

We apply taxes in accordance with current regulations. Three scenarios are possible:

Payment issues #

In the event of an issue with the charge on your credit card, Stripe will make several debit attempts in the following days. If, despite these attempts, payment remains unsuccessful, our Support team will contact you to assist in finding a solution.

After a certain number of failed attempts, your documentations and accounts may become temporarily inaccessible.