Going further

Now that your first documentation has been published, you may want to personalize it further. There are numerous options available to you to enhance your use of Bump.sh.

Publish more documentation #

Your ecosystem might include multiple APIs that also need their own documentation, and Bump.sh offers various tools to assist you.

Learn how to add additional stand-alone documentation or consider creating a hub, a library of API documents.

You also have the option to choose how to upload your API documents to Bump.sh and have finer control over their release.

Access management #

Whether it’s for internal use within your team or for an entire community, Bump.sh offers many options to adjust access to your documentation.

You can create an organization and assign roles to members of your team and API consumers.

To go even further, you could configure access management for each of your documentation or hubs.

Customization options #

There are numerous possibilities to customize your documentation and incorporate your brand.

Using a custom domain allows you to integrate your API documentation under your domain and a unified URL. You can also customize the logo or colors of your documentation to display your brand.

Feel free to take a look at our dedicated help page for more information.