x-topics is a vendor-specific property that we’ve created to allow you to add extended content to your API documentation. They enable you to add context, additional information, or even tutorial elements to guide your readers in using your API.

Use x-topics #

Property Description
title Topic title as it will appear in the navigation bar and in the content section.
content The topic content. Markdown is fully supported here.
example Will appear in the examples section, if activated. Markdown is fully supported here.


  - title: Getting started
    content: Before using the API you need to get an API key by sending us an email.
  - title: Authentication
    content: Send the `X-API-KEY` header with all your requests.
    example: |
      $ curl \
        -X POST \
        -H "X-API-KEY: XXXXXX" \

Public documentation examples #

Here are some examples of public documentation made by teams using x-topics: