Custom domains

Your API documentation is hosted on under our domain name. By default, accessing your documentation will be possible via a URL such as<user_name>/doc/<doc_slug>.

To extend your brand experience to visitors and API consumers, you can use your own domain to replace our default URL by setting up a specific CNAME record.

Setting a CNAME record #

First, you’ll need to create a CNAME record pointing to, at your domain name provider.

For instance, if you want to host your documentation under the domain, you will create the following record: 3600 IN CNAME

The configuration of the CNAME record can vary from one hosting provider to another. Feel free to contact your hosting provider if you have any questions at this stage.

Once this is done, you can set your custom domain in

Setting a custom domain in #

From the settings of your documentation, check the “Custom domain” box. You will then be asked to enter the URL of your custom domain, which has been configured on your end in the previous step. Confirm by selecting “Update General Settings”. SSL certificates are automatically issued at this step.

It may take some time for your custom domain update to propagate. This delay is normal and is not dependent on or your hosting provider. During this period, visitors returning to access your documentation may have difficulty accessing it. It is recommended to try again later or clear your cache before making another attempt.