Hub settings

Slug & Custom domains #

The slug directly affects the URL of your hubs and documentation. By default, it takes the name of your hub, but modifying it allows you to customize the URL. does not automatically redirect to the new URL after changing the slug, so be sure to notify your users of this change.

The Custom Domain option allows you to keep your users within your brand experience by fully customizing the URL of your documentation.

Custom domain requires additional configuration on your end

Description #

This option allows you to add a description to your hub, and supports Markdown for enhanced text formatting. For instance, you can explain what this collection includes in terms of documentation, share important details, or even provide a contact for questions.

Default Settings & Visual Customization #

These hub settings are applied by default to all the documentation it contains. From the Hub Settings tab, you can customize several general options.

It is also possible to modify the settings of a documentation within a hub to customize it differently.

You can customize the visual appearance of your hub and its documentation by adding your logo and favicon directly from this section. By default, automatically generates a social media visual for you (when you share the URL of your hub or documentation on one of them). However, you can still choose your own image by uploading it at this step.

You can also customize the general color scheme of your hub.

Finally, you can choose to apply a general sorting parameter to all the documentations in your hub with the Group by operations (by path or tag) and Navigation options.