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Documentation vs. Branch

Branches are a great solution for existing documentation that could need several versions. Instead of creating new documentation in your hub (for an updated version of your API specification for example), branching allows your users to switch from one version of your documentation to another easily.

You may imagine using branching to maintain several versions of your API specifications, for users still on a legacy version.

We can also imagine API documentation using branching for a production environment and a testing one.

Visually, documentation readers will see the available branches from which they can switch as seen in the screenshot below:

Create a new branch

From your Dashboard, select the documentation you would like to add a new version.

Then select Branches and type its new name.

Modifying an existing branch

Rename or delete a branch

From your Dashboard > Documentation, select Branches and the one you would like to rename or delete.


Deleting a branch is definitive: you will lose the branch, its content and deployment history.

Upload a new version of an existing branch

When uploading a new version of your API specification, you can choose which branch will receive the update.