API change management

Automatic API changelog #

Bump automatically builds a changelog for your API. Each time you upload a new version of your API definition, you will have a new event in your changelog. A link to the changelog page is available on each documentation:

The changelog link

As you can see below on the Bump API changelog, every changes we made are listed: whether it’s a structural change (endpoint or parameter removed, modified or added for example) or a content change (description or example modification).

Bump API changelog

Breaking changes identification #

Bump automatically identifies when a change is breaking for your API consumers. Here are the changes considered as breaking:

Changes notification #

Bump can notify changes via Slack, email, RSS or any custom HTTP webhook.

Slack #

Each time your API changes, you can notify your team directly on Slack by activating the Slack integration in your API integrations settings:

Check the "Notify changes on Slack", fill your webhook URL and the channels you want to get the notifications on

Email #

Users can subscribe to your API changelog and receive a weekly digest.

Email changelog subscription


The changelog page exposes an RSS feed your users can subscribe to. Here is an example with the Bump API changelog.

Webhooks #

You can define as many webhooks as you wish to receive structural changes when they occur on your documentations. Please check the dedicated page to find out how to setup a webhook.

GitHub integration

With our Github Action, you can receive automatic API diff comments directly in your pull requests. This pull request comment will include:

GitHub integration example