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Building the best APIs can be a considerable amount of work and you may need your teammates to help. But you definitely do not want one single shared account for that.

Freshly out of beta, the awaited Organizations feature helps you with that. We did not reinvent the wheel but wanted to make it as simple but powerful as possible.


You can easily customize access with 3 different roles: admin, maintainer, and viewers. Admins can invite and manage access, maintainers can manage hubs and docs, guests are limited to read-only.

Available from the Startup plan, we hope it will help teams work efficiently and smoothly on their APIs. You can find out more about Organizations in our Help Center!

This update was also the opportunity to ship some enhancements for the dashboard.

We can’t wait to hear about what you think of it so feel free to reach out!

The API changelog page has been redesigned to give you a clearer view of what has changed inside your API, it is the groundwork of having fine-grained changelog details 🕵️

Hope you will enjoy it!

See it in action on our own API documentation:

• Bonus point:

If you use our github-action, the diff comments have also been updated. Check our latest release for details:


Give your API users a personalized experience and a better understanding of your API while reading your documentation by including multiple examples to your API definition.

Bump now supports displaying multiple examples which are supported by both OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications.


A new --live flag was added to the bump preview command.

This gives you the ability to stay focused on your API definition file (OpenAPI or AsyncAPI file) while seeing your Bump preview documentation page being updated as you change the file.

No need for a specific text editor, or any extension, just use the bump CLI to preview your documentation live.


Learn more about live preview on our help page.

If some changes are more important than others, it is especially true for your API.

From now on, we automatically detect if a new version of your API includes some breaking changes. It will be visible in the changelog page, in the changelog email or the brand new RSS feed… but also during your API design phase while opening a pull request thanks to our Github Action.


With Bump, you will never miss a breaking change again.


In the age of information overload, getting access to information that matters can be quite challenging and that's exactly the purpose of RSS.

From now, get notified of the API changes through RSS in addition to the existing email.

Give it a try with the Bump RSS feed in your favorite RSS reader.


AsyncAPI users, you'll be happy to know that Bump now supports bindings.

As AsyncAPI allows many protocols, which is really nice, bindings are a useful and necessary mechanism to define protocol-specific information. Bump now displays protocol information defined at server, operation, and message levels, as part of an ongoing work for a better understanding of API documentations.

Here's an example: