New dashboard experience


It’s been a big project that we’ve poured a lot of energy and even more love into, and our new dashboard is finally available to everyone. It’s become a true home for your API ecosystem and everything that happens within it. From creating a hub to exploring your documentation, everything has been redesigned to offer you the best possible experience.

We’ve also put the finishing touches on another major change: the removal of individual spaces. To discuss this, let’s take a step back.

In its early days, Bump.sh was designed for individual developers but quickly became collaborative. The vast majority of our users now work in teams. Until now, each user had their own personal space and could create and/or join organizations. In practice, many personal workspaces remained empty and unused, there was often confusion between the two, and the experience wasn’t the most comfortable.

To put it briefly, all documentation and hubs now belong to an organization. For our users, nothing changes or hardly anything: your existing hubs and documentation have been migrated to an organization bearing your username, and your URLs still work. We have naturally adjusted our Free plan to not impact our users under this plan: it now includes an organization (yours) with all its APIs publicly accessible as before.

For more information, feel free to check out our dedicated help page.