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Over the past weeks, we have considerably enhanced our support of the specifications.

minLength, maxLength and pattern

Wherever you need to document restrictions on string fields, OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications rely on JSON Schema to support this. minLength and maxLength are meant to constrain the length of a string. pattern restrict the string to a specific Regular Expression (regex).

Email addresses, IBANs and ZIP/Postal codes could be great examples of these features.


readOnly and writeOnly properties

JSON Schema allows defining a property as readOnly or writeOnly. Many examples can easily be imagined when used with AsyncAPI or OpenAPI : readOnly timestamp, writeOnly password, etc...

Our Help Center shares more details on how works with this feature and a few examples.


Access management has been reshaped, thanks to extended tests and user feedback.

Inviting external customers and partners to access internal APIs is now possible directly from the dashboard.

From the dedicated section in your hub/documentation settings, you can quickly modify who has access to what. Open it to teammates of your organization, or invite external partners by email directly.

Password-protected level will stay available for a limited amount of time. More info can be found in our help center.

Here is an update that was released some time ago but out of the radar: we now display all available types (even nullable) on any properties in your OpenAPI or AsyncAPI definition.

You’ll now see these correctly displayed properties in your documentation. Multiple types may look like a slight improvement but will add clarification to your team and community.

And we have an example to show how great it is (thanks to Meilisearch's documentation).


You already have deployed your API documentation but feel something's missing? You couldn't be more right.

Introducing one of the biggest updates to Bump yet: UI Color customization. You read that right. You can now change the primary color of your documentation to make it shine more than ever. Or make it match your logo/company brand!

We even added a short preview to help you find the best tone and ensure that you'll keep in mind how it will look in dark mode too.

Try it out from your Dashboard > Customize UI and share with us your best results!


Following our recently released Organization feature, the new Documentation Access Management will help control who has access to which documentation or hubs.

Three access levels are available: public, private (for your organization only) and protected (limited, password protection).

Find more in our Help Center!


The API changelog page has been redesigned to give you a clearer view of what has changed inside your API, it is the groundwork of having fine-grained changelog details 🕵️

Hope you will enjoy it!

See it in action on our own API documentation:

• Bonus point:

If you use our github-action, the diff comments have also been updated. Check our latest release for details:


Give your API users a personalized experience and a better understanding of your API while reading your documentation by including multiple examples to your API definition.

Bump now supports displaying multiple examples which are supported by both OpenAPI and AsyncAPI specifications.


A new --live flag was added to the bump preview command.

This gives you the ability to stay focused on your API definition file (OpenAPI or AsyncAPI file) while seeing your Bump preview documentation page being updated as you change the file.

No need for a specific text editor, or any extension, just use the bump CLI to preview your documentation live.


Learn more about live preview on our help page.