Comparison between (any) API changes



APIs evolve constantly, each iteration creating changes, breaking ones or not. API consumers need to keep track of them or could need to upgrade from a several behind version.

We have worked on a new feature that allows to compare any versions of an API with another, accessible from its changelog. Changes are instantly highlighted, and if you need to easily share the result with your teammates, we got you covered: use the generated link or even better, try to press Y key!

Come and test this new feature directly on Bump.sh API documentation.

Improvements and fixes

  • API documentation: Sidebar navigation has received UI enhancements.
  • Dashboard: History became Deployments along UI enhancements and a new status filter (spoiler alert).
  • Darkmode: All icons have been updated to be accessible on both light and darkmode.
  • API documentation: Ordering issue (operation, responses, parameters, etc.) has now been solved and respects the given specification.