New Command Line Interface era



Goodbye to our legacy ruby gem, and hello to our new node-based CLI 👋.

We are releasing a new Command Line Interface which is iso-feature with the old CLI. There is one additional improvement though: we now support recursive external references ($ref keyword in your API specifications), with mixed filesystem or URL paths. You can now refactor your API definitions in small chunks, re-use parts of it, and separate concerns between endpoints, models or nested-objects in peace.

This new CLI package is written in Typescript which will help us to publish a stable & type safe tool. On top of that -and especially with the oclif framework- we are now able to publish universal packages for multiple OSes & architectures so everybody can enjoy Bump via command line interface.

Get it while it’s hot #

npm install -g bump-cli

or download a package directly from the latest Github release assets.

Enjoy the commands #

  • bump preview to build as many API documentation preview as you want.
  • bump deploy --dry-run to validate your future API documentation deployment.

    (⚠️ This is a breaking change compared to our old CLI’s and replaces the old bump validate command)

  • bump deploy to deploy your latest API documentation changes.