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AsyncAPI Support

Current support state

Event driven APIs world is more complex than REST APIs one: there are more protocols, more tools, more different architectures. As a consequence, AsyncAPI is more complex that OpenAPI to support. We wanted to open our beta fast, so we have chosen to release it with minimal features.

Currently supported

Bump is able to extract:

  • root properties (AsyncAPI Object)
  • channels (with automatic grouping according to channel name or tag grouping)
  • operations (subscribe and publish)
  • messages (payload and headers), with examples.
  • bindings (server, operation and message).

Partially supported: message object payload

Message#payload could be of any type according to the specification, but we only support SchemaObject type.

Partially supported: server security and securitySchemes

We support AsyncAPI securitySchemes property with these authentication types:

  • http
  • apiKey
  • httpApiKey
  • oauth2
  • openIdConnect

We do not support X509, symmetricEncryption, asymmetricEncryption, plain, scramSha256, scramSha512 nor gssapi. To describe these authentication types, please use our custom x-topics property for now.

readOnly and writeOnly properties

JSON Schema provide possibility to declare a property as read or write Only, with boolean fields writeOnly and readOnly (cf JSON Schema documentation).

Basically, in Async API context, it means that a writeOnly property makes sense in request only (as password for example). Thus, we decided to hide a property defined as writeOnly when it belongs to a subscribe operation (messages produced by the application and sent to the channel).

And a readOnly makes sense in response only (as created_at, updated_at, your call...). Similarly, we decided to hide a property defined as readOnly when it belongs to a publish operation (messages consumed by the application from the channel).

Thus, it becomes easy to use the same Schema Object in different context, for example as seen below:

"schema": {
"properties": {
"password": {
"type": "string",
"format": "password",
"writeOnly": true
"created_at": {
"type": "string",
"format": "date-time",
"readOnly": true

Add topics to your documentation

As this is not supported by AsyncAPI, we created a custom property to enrich your documentation. Find out more in our dedicated section.