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Single Sign-On (SSO) supports Single Sign-On through your Identity and Access Management systems, to ease who in your organization can access admin permissions.

Our Single Sign-On feature relies on WorkOS, which supports a wide variety of integrations with third-party Identity and Access Management solutions (e.g. generic SAML, SCIM, OpenID, as well as Auth0, Okta, Keycloak, Azure AD, Google SAML and more).

Activating SSO for your organization

SSO is available on our Business plans.

Once you have purchased a Business plan, please reach out to our support team to have the feature activated on your account.

We will send you a URL that will let you complete the configuration, picking the Identity and Access Management solution you need.

Selecting an Identity and Access Management solution

Configuring user permissions

By default, all users who get access to via the configured SSO will have the “Viewer” Role/Permission.

The Organization Owner may configure different permission levels for each user via the administration user interface.