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Access Management

Access Management has recently changed: new options has been added and password protection will be removed soon (more details at the bottom of the article).

Available from a dedicated section in the documentation or hubs settings, Access Management offers 3 different access levels :

  • Public: Anyone can view your documentation.
  • Protected: (Soon discarded) Password is required to access to your documentation.
  • Private: Access is limited to authenticated users from your Organization or invited external users.

Private level

Private level allows members from the same organization to have access to a documentation/hub. Writing permissions will only be granted if the member has admin/maintainer role.

From private level, you can also invite external users (like partners, customers, etc...) to a read-only mode of your documentation/hub.

About depreciation of the Password-Protected level

From our tests and user reviews, we felt that password protection was not relevant anymore and could cause confusion in the future.

For this reason, it will be soon deprecated and users will be contacted directly to inform them in advance.