Deploying docs from API Platform

API Platform is an API-first PHP framework that allows you to create REST and GraphQL APIs using PHP classes, and automatically generates their documentation, based on the OpenAPI specification. If you are new to API Platform, check out their getting started guide.

Deploying docs from your local machine #

The following assumes your local machine is configured with PHP and API Platform.

  1. Create and name your first API documentation. Then, retrieve the name and token of this documentation from the CI deployment settings page.

  2. Install the Bump.sh CLI with npm as below, or use alternative options, with
      npm install -g bump-cli
  3. Launch your local server with Docker or Symfony

  4. Deploy your doc to Bump.sh with
      bump deploy https://localhost/docs.json \
     --doc my-documentation-name \
     --token my-documentation-token

That’s it! Enjoy the comfort of Bump.sh to browse through your API doc, and customize it to your needs.